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Welcome to The Skidmore Shop textbook site, we’re glad you dropped by.  We know the price of textbooks have escalated significantly over the past few years and to help save you money, we now offer a comparative shopping experience.  We have added several popular third-party ordering options to make selecting your course materials quicker and easier than ever before.  As with all on-line shopping, we encourage you to shop carefully.

We have put together a
brief explanation of the different programs we have and how they can save you money.  If you have any questions, drop Doug a note, or give him a call at 518.580.5495

By making this service available, The Skid Shop is not endorsing, or in any way guaranteeing, any of the products and services from these other companies.  While we understand that The Skid Shop may not have the lowest price for some products, we do ask you to take into account the quality and convenience that The Skid Shop offers.  Please consider purchasing your books from us.

Thanks for stopping by! 

The Staff of The Shop

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The Skidmore Shop is operated by employees of Skidmore College who are dedicated to helping you be a successful student.  Revenues generated support the education mission of the institution.