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Welcome to the Skidmore Shop Faculty Site

This site is your one-stop shop for research, information, and adoption of your course materials.

Here you'll find details on over 260,000 textbooks titles that are available for use in your classes. For each textbook, we have author information and author biographies, cover images, book summaries, tables of contents, sample chapters and prefaces, and links to book supplements available to students.

We cross-reference textbooks with previous editions, and we offer extensive publisher information. On a title-by-title basis, we provide publisher reviews and links to the publisher's website for additional information. And with each title, we provide publisher contact information for users if they want to request a professional review copy.

Lastly, if you are concerned about how much the book is going to cost your students -- and we hope you are -- the cost of the book is also listed.

It's an easy 5 step process.

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